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Your Guardian in the DeFi Universe

Our platform is the bridge to a safer DeFi experience, providing the robust protection you need to navigate the blockchain space with confidence.

Bringing Security into the Mainstream

The first ever safety layer middleware. Giving you the ultimate protection for your DeFi investments.


Argus sees the drain before it happens – safeguarding your tokens from vanishing liquidity.

Liquidity Pulls


Don't let hidden changes wipe your investment. Argus shields your tokens from malicious modifications.



Fraudsters evolve, and so does Argus. Our AI analyzes the blockchain, adapting to protect you.


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Here, whenever - wherever

Access Argus anywhere, from our webapp across all devices. With browser extensions for every major browser, and bots for telegram and discord. Argus is always with you.

Get started with the Argus Beta today. Access our documentation to learn more about how Argus can protect your assets.

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Crypto Safeguards: The Argus Approach

Discover the steps involved in safeguarding your digital assets with our cutting-edge technology.

2024 is the Year of Crypto

Turn Pro by harnessing the power of AI, add Argus to your arsenal with support for over 8 chains.

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Advanced Algorithms

Our AI algorithms are at the core of our platform. They continuously scan and learn from multiple chains, identifying patterns and behaviors associated with fraudulent activities. This allows us to constantly improve our detection capabilities and provide better protection for your assets.

Rug Pull Protection

Our system is designed to detect any large liquidity withdrawals, and any malicious changes to the contract, including: unauthorized minting of new tokens, changes to transaction fees. If such activity is detected, Argus will immediately execute a transaction to secure your holdings.

Real-Time Monitoring

Argus SentryAI is constantly monitoring for any malicious transactions in real time. With Auto-Protect, you can effortlessly safeguard your entire portfolio with a single click. So, get peace of mind, knowing your guardian Argus is always on the watch!

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